"Kay's inspirational cards embody essential healing concepts. She is uniquely able to channel and share the gifts of calm, serenity, and acceptance which she receives through her practices of meditation and painting.Truly inspired!"

Esperanza Surls, Canyon School Teacher

"Kay's cards are not only inspirational, but they bring a physical and mental calm when suffering through any negative emotion.  I love my set and recommend everyone buy one!"

Hilla Nassiri

"Kay's cards are a perfect combination of appealing, brightly colored art and sentiments we all need to think about more. It's such a creative idea to combine useful, insightful mantras with images you can place around your house tastefully. She has used her experience to manifest a way of helping others and transformed her own paintings into becoming a part of this process. I would recommend these for anyone needing inspiration, or just a reminder to smile."

Amanda Bush

"Kay has inspired classmates, friends, teachers, and now an ever growing band of followers all her life without realizing how much she has touched so many people.  Her creativity is so powerful that it can be applied successfully to any art form.  Her transformation cards are not only meaningful to those who need inspiration to move forward in their lives, but they are magnificent tapestries of flowing colors that make this world more beautiful for all.  I look forward to sharing these beautiful cards with family and friends."

Barbara S. Belmont
CAE Executive
Director School Nutrition Association

"Kay Kopit's Art & Soul Transformation Cards are a great way to start the day! So I could enjoy both the paintings and the affirmations, I bought a double set and framed them. The frame is in my office, so when I start work, I choose one affirmation that guides my day. Wonderful!  Thanks, Kay, for sharing your gift."

Carol Clark

"Words cannot describe the healing presence Kay's affirmation cards instill within me. Her beautiful art and meaningful words inspire me daily. Kay's DVD is a must-see! Her struggles and joy brought tears and laughter. Thank you Kay!"

Eric Reynolds

"When I recieved the inspirational cards I was excited to see how they turned out. I was so proud of Kay, not only were they great but each card represented a place in each person's life. I found myself going,'Hey that sounds like me' or 'Wow I never thought about this before'. They did make me stop and think about how my life was going so far. I just loved the artwork too. Good luck to Kay and I will always support what she does because it is from the heart."

Karen Manning

"Art & Soul - Collection One is an amazing concept with angelic intentions. The art on these beautiful cards inspire your senses and the affirmations guide and lighten your spirit. Thank you Kay for sharing your gift. My clients love them."

Amy Romano
Amy Romano Skin Care
Oakland California

"No matter how many times I watch Kay's DVD or read her writings, her story is a powerful message that touches everyone. If there is one person who cannot find one thing to relate to Kay's story then I for one would be amazed. Since Kay has been a columnist for Recovery Times her powerful stories have touched the hearts and souls of many people. Keep up the wonderful work Kay."

Tom Sumner
Publisher, Recovery Times

"No amount of preaching or teaching can help people heal the way Kay's story can. She speaks with riveting honesty and clarity. Her underlying message - more powerful because it is unspoken - is If I can turn my life around, so can you."

Carolyn Shaffer, MA,CCHT
Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Kay, listening to your story reminds the world that no matter what, we have the strength within us to overcome all that is presented to us by life and our choices through life. That, as a training ground, we go through rough times and can learn from it and share it with others. Thank you for having the courage to voice your experiences for all of us to hear and experience with you. The DVD's have helped many of my interns become aware of the journey of healing. Best wishes to you."

Foojan Zeine, Ph.D.,MFT
Personal Growth Institute

"I was recently blessed with a visit by Kay Kopit on my national radio talk show, Recovery Radio. Kay is a real-life miracle whose projects shed some much needed light as well as offer hope and inspiration for the millions who suffer from Codependency, an often misunderstood and very serious social disease of our civilization. I wish Kay continued success and know that because of her passion and what she is doing, global awareness will increase and therefore human healing of the mind, body and spirit will soar. It was my pleasure to share her wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration with my listeners across the nation and around the world."

Anne Kelly
Recovery Radio

"Going on the premise that by staying silent we perpetuate the dysfunction and myths present within each of us, Kay Kopit uses this film as a tool to expose herself and her feelings about a difficult time in her life. She does so with honesty, directness, tears, humor and a sense of hope. By sharing her pain with the world she heals herself and gives others strength to do the same. A revolutionary way to use film. One experiences intimate, one to one contact with a real human being living in the 1990's. I found the film very personal and extremely poignant for our times."

Amrit Rai

"We harken back to a time when people sat in a circle and someone told a story.

"I Survived" demonstrates successfully that television can be used in that ancient form. The story is compelling, the storyteller a master, and the combination makes for a unique use of the medium. As a television program format, it opens the door to a new form of video realism. This format, which features primarily on camera narrative supplemented by photographs, certainly runs against the grain of contemporary types. There are no quiet edits or easy answers. What this program contains is depth and emotion. It is the true story of one woman's struggle with the problem of co-dependency, a problem facing many families in one form or another. It's real purpose is to move people towards healing, and it can accomplish that goal. "I Survived" is a case of "art imitating life" at its best."

Erin Brennan

"Once we got past the first 15 minutes and the shock of not seeing an action movie, we found ourselves glued to the television to listen to the whole story. Kay's presentation of her life as a co-dependent was full of emotions and true feelings one could relate to. We laughed, we cried, and couldn't get her story out of our minds for weeks. "I Survived" is very uplifting, encouraging and most of all healing."

Christina Moritz