In the late sixties I left a college teaching position and moved to the East coast. Shortly after the move, in a bizarre set of unimaginable circumstances, I was stalked and brutally raped. A single event that clouded the next 12 years of my life.

Then, I met Joey.

Joey Haudel, a young man just released from prison, entered my life with a whirlwind. Mesmerized by his demeanor, I was unwilling to acknowledge his criminal past.

And . . . Joey was alcoholic.

His wild and reckless mannerisms intrigued me. I was deluded with thoughts of transforming this beautiful being into the man I knew he could become. I wanted to remove him from his environment, to influence him and guide him. I felt sure he would change, evolve, and mature.

What I learned took me years to appreciate.

My experience with Joey was a roller coaster of hope and despair, culminating with me regaining my sense of self, breaking the ties that bound him to me, and finally, starting the new and wonderful life that I live today.

Sadly, my relationship with Joey was finally severed by his untimely death.

"Joey, I am thankful for the time we shared together and for the lessons I learned. You forced me to grow and discover who I really am. You were a fragile bridge leading to my destiny and happiness. I truly hope you have made your peace and found your place in the heavens. I know in my heart you would be relieved to know I Survived."

Love, Kay

For the first four decades of my life I was continuously faced with a chaotic and turbulent path filled with fear and isolation.  After surviving years of oppression and emotional turmoil I now know it had to happen this way. 

I truly thought it was impossible to heal from the impact of unresolved trauma. On my 40th birthday I felt alone and hopeless. I remembered the saying, “Life begins at 40” and I decided it was time to rebuild my health and life.

The journey was daunting and grueling. Many, many times I wanted to quit, I often wanted to die, but I never gave up hope.

Learning to love myself, which is what I believe we come here to do, I felt worthy of other people’s love.  Once I truly felt that, I became empowered and my world changed, allowing healing and resolution to begin. I am now living a whole, happy, well-balanced life. I have broken the cycle of addiction and depression that has preceded me for generations.