Kay's New Book - "It Had To Happen This Way"

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A survivor writing from personal experience, Kay Kopit brings an authentic voice to co-dependency and addictions, healing from sexual assault, denial and guilt. What she develops in the pages of It Had To Happen This Way is how she talks honestly about the internal pain of sexual violence and the chaotic life of alcoholism. After reading this authentic narrative you will find the strength and courage needed to overcome those fears that are holding you back from having a healthy life.

As a child Kay immersed herself into the family disease of alcoholism. Very early in life she learned how to mask the truth and created the persona of a happy child. In her words, "I faked it to cover the disgrace. For years I lived a double life."

Kay's story spans over 20 years, starting with a marathon roller coaster ride of uncanny circumstances that force her to leave her college teaching job in the Midwest. Literally, by the flip of coin she lands in unfamiliar Boston where she is raped just a few weeks after moving there and soon after meets an alcoholic and convict who is on the run. She saw his vulnerability and instantly fell in love with the thought of creating the life that she had dreamed of as a child, the family that she never had. Unconsciously, she felt if she loved him enough he would change, she would fix him and they would live the American dream.

Carrying the shame of her childhood, the guilt of the rape and being in complete denial of self worth, Kay lived in a state of lunacy. The highs and lows of living with an alcoholic gave her a sick sense of empowerment. For years she fought mercifully to save him all-the-while becoming more and more depressed, dying a slow emotional death.

It Had To Happen This Way is more than a book about surviving emotional and spiritual devastation. It is about championing, defeating and reclaiming a life. This is an intimate, true story of courage, hope and healing.

After reading It Had To Happen This Way, questions like: "Will I ever lead a normal life? Will the shame and guilt ever go away? Why do I always fall for people who are bad for me? If he/she loved me wouldn't they change? Why can't I heal from being sexually assaulted? Why is it so hard to love myself? Why do I always put people's feelings before my own? Why do I self sabotage?" plus many more will be answered. This book is truly inspirational.