Swarms of colors and forms swim in my head as I go off to sleep at night. Yet, I often feel like a novice when I stare at a blank canvas. But, as soon as the brush touches the surface the colors start to flow like visual music. It seems as if they are telling me where they want to go. And I often feel like a conductor coaxing the forms and colors to harmonize. Where do these mysterious, organic forms come from? Long ago in graduate school my paintings were very representational and they came from my head. Now, my paintings are a form of meditation. They are gifts from my heart to my hands. Minute notes in the great unfathomable song of life which is creation, a heartsong symphony. I hope that they will resonate for you and that you will share in the joy of this song with me.

Oil Pastel
15.5" X 20"
Oil Pastel on Paper
5" X 8"
Bring to Light
Oil Pastel
8" X 8"
Aurean Noctune
Oil Pastel and Gold Leaf on Paper
10.5" X 6.5"
Underground Odyssey
Acrylic and Oil Pastel
18" X 24"
Ocean Vibration
Oil Pastel
8" X 12"
Spring Bouquet
Oil Pastel
15.5" X 18.5"
Crystal Sunrise
Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Oil Pastel on Canvas
18" X 24"
Cambrian Bloom
Oil Pastel on Paper
10" X 7"

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