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Broadcast on KRXA 540 AM Saturday 3-5PM PST On

Release: March 16, 2006

Kay Speaks Candidly about Addiction, Codependency and Recovery

Aired on March 18th, 2006

Kopit tells her story dramatically yet gracefully as she shares personal experiences in a way that will help you gain courage and hope with details of her challenges of being codependent. She shares from the heart and with a passion for creating positive change. You will laugh, cry, become educated, rejuvenated, and self empowered by the end of the interview. Kopit’s real life stories are sure to clarify as she helps you become aware of the steps needed for empowerment.

Viveca and the Love Lights presents: "HEALING POWER OF FORGIVENESS & I SURVIVED"
with Dr. Carolle, Kay Kopit & Erica Miner

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