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Telepathic Communication

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My deceased loved ones have conversations with me.  No I am not crazy, for several years now my morning contemplation is filled with the beauty of their guidance.  This comes to me in many different forms but mostly with direct thoughts piercing my psyche as I sit quietly in meditation.  I discovered I had this ability, to receive information from the other side, about 10 years ago when I had a session with a well known medium that was adept at communicating with the departed.  After a detailed reading, where I heard from several friends and relatives who had recently died, the psychic said to me, “You are open and ready to do this type of work as well.  Just sit quietly and listen to the information that is revealed to you.  In the near future we all will be aware of the help we are being given telepathically to enrich our spiritual development.”

Since my early 20’s I have had prophetic dreams that were astonishing in their revelations.  At least once a year I would awaken with specific information, or a clear picture, of a future event.  These visions were different than the usual dreams that were confusing and superimposed with multiple circumstances. These predictive ideas would stay with me all day and haunt me until the event would materialize.  I recognized at this young age that there was another dimension of life that wasn’t talked about much.  I found it fascinating. 

Since I have had these intense dreams for so long I was able to accept the information from the psychic when she told me I could communicate with the deceased.  Many of us are not “tuned-in” enough to hear their voice.  All of us have this ability but unfortunately, most people learn to close down their awareness of this gift in the process of growing up.  This is the reason why the deceased often signal us through signs or manipulations of our environment.  They are trying to reach us with direct telepathic communication and we aren’t listening.  We must be at a place where we are vibrating at a frequency which matches their energy.  Those souls residing in the spirit world are vibrating at a much higher rate than most of us in the physical dimension. In order to communicate with us, the deceased must alter their vibration to that of the earth plane and if we are to hear them, we must adjust our vibration to their higher frequency.  This is similar to turning a radio receiver to a particular station.

Belief and desire are necessary to contribute to our overall frequency.  These are extremely important in reaching the energetic level needed to make contact with our deceased loved ones.  This isn’t difficult to do.  Each of us has a different way of being and meditating.  There are many different ways of facilitating this connection.  I will share what I do to communicate telepathically with souls who have departed. . . . . . . . . . . Each morning I awaken early before the sun has arisen. I light from 12 to 16 votive candles, turn off all the overhead bulbs and lamps, and settle into my sofa with a cozy afghan for warmth.  I ask that all I hear or feel be for my greater good and for the greater good of all of my loved ones.  And, then I wait.  I have been doing this for approximately eight years so therefore my wait isn’t very long.  A friend or relative who has departed will say something like this, “Kay, it is Debra your angel.” or “Kay, it is your mother here.” and sometimes three or more people will identify themselves.  It comes in words but the voices all sound the same.  The very first person to come to me in this meditative state was my deceased husband Joey.  I didn’t believe it was real!  I thought I was making up the words in my mind until he filled in a few facts that I didn’t know the answer to when working on my first web site.  This sort of blew me away.  He talked about his life with me, its meaning, and what it was like when you die.  From that day forward I have been open to receiving messages from any of my family and friends who want to contact me.

I am so grateful to start my day this way.  The hour flies by and I am left with answers to many pressing questions about humanity and our spiritual connection to one another.  We are all part of the same whole with our goal to progress spiritually while in a body.  Although many of us aren’t aware of this we are surrounded by guides, angels, and loved ones at all times.  We are never alone; divine wisdom protecting us. God is within, without and all about.  Since death is a part of life I urge you to open to the beauty of a spiritual communication with your deceased loved ones.  They are asking me to ask you to believe we never really die, our spirit lives forever. Once you start this practice you will flow through your day in peace and harmony.  Be open to believing.