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We are all on a spiritual path.  I began to pay attention to non-physical life force energy at a young age.  I remember in elementary school when my mother would say something to me that was practical and routine, I would often see symbols around her words that appeared to me to be floating colors.  These forms would coalesce very quickly and an idea would take hold of my thoughts.  I would blurt an intuitive response such as, “They don’t have any margarine at the market today.” Or I might say something like, “The Cornish hens are raw,” although they had been cooking for over an hour.  I didn’t take any of my spontaneous remarks seriously until she started commenting that I had a ‘sixth sense.’  It turns out my intuition was right about 90% of the time.  I began to wonder what was beyond what we could feel, hear, see, touch and taste. 

In my 20’s I had a unique experience that opened my heart to a larger reality. At the time I was teaching at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri.  I had been though many painful experiences for several years.  My world felt hopeless and I was severely depressed.  On an overcast football Saturday, all I could manage was to recline on the sofa with my trusted heating pad. My thoughts were negative and I was generally feeling so sad I just wanted to disappear.  All of a sudden a bright light came through the sheer curtains and slowly filled the room.  It was different than the sun light because I actually saw it move through the window and occupy the entire indoor space.  I had the physical sensation of being swathed in Love with all my pores tingling.  To my amazement I was suspended a few feet above the couch.  I found out many years later that this is called an out-of-body experience.  Although I wasn’t ready at the time to fully embrace the significance of this understanding it foretold of my desire to discover the essence of my being.   

In my early 40’s after many years of psychotherapy, Al-Anon, and ACofA groups I was on the road to recovery from codependency.  I was living alone and separated from my husband who was alcoholic.  For the first time I felt clear enough to begin looking within.  I combed metaphysical bookstores, took classes in mediation, attended weekend workshops in developing a higher state of consciousness, and studied mindfulness as a spiritual practice.  Each of these skills contributed to my personal well-being.  It was during this time I was fortunate to have my second out-of-body experience.  It was similar to the first although much more intense.  I was walking down Church Street in San Francisco past the Archdiocese when I felt enveloped by a sun that was at least 10 times brighter than normal and at the same moment I felt as though I was floating about four feet above the sidewalk.  It seems like this lasted for several minutes and when I became aware that I was again walking, because I felt my feet touch the earth, my whole environment was in Technicolor.  In other words it seemed as though I was in another dimension.  All this happened for me on an extremely overcast day.

I am aware of the transcendent nature of the world.  My spirit guides infuse me with courage, integrity and compassion.  It feels as though I am in communion with God; the God within, without and all about.  We are all one; each a tiny cell in the wonder of the universe.  Let’s continue to radiate Love.