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Astrology – A Valuable Tool

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My first introduction to astrology was in 1969 in Boston when I had the good fortune to be guided to an amazing woman named Frances Sakoian.  She was teaching classes in astrology in a beautiful old building conveniently located near my downtown apartment.  I couldn’t wait for that Thursday night class which I attended for many months.  I was mesmerized by her and what she had to share about astrology.  I’ll never forget what she told us the very first night.  I cannot quote her verbatim but the gist is: When a soul incarnates and chooses the precise time, day, and city of birth that spark of energy creates an analytical map one can use as a guide throughout their spiritual journey in this lifetime.  While we all come here to grow spiritually some people will take the more complicated route to their goals with twists, turns, and blind alleys by haphazardly finding their way.  Those who are open to examining the benefits of astrology will discover the means to enrich significant decisions on their path through life.  Francis Sakoian was the author of 19 down-to-earth and readable astrology texts.  Four years after I studied with her she authored The Astrologer’s Handbook with Louis S. Acker in 1973.  It is still regarded as one of the finest astrology books on the market.  She was a pioneer in spreading the word about astrology to a wider public.

When Bryan and I were planning our wedding 25 years ago I insisted we plan the “Best” possible day for such a memorable occasion by using astrology.  Although I wasn’t a professional astrologer I had resources that helped me plot our preparation.  We knew we wanted the ceremony on Saturday evening and far enough in advance to plan a beautiful day.  After looking at cycles of the moon and favorable and unfavorable days, we decided on December 7, 1986.  Although that was the same day as the attack on Pearl Harbor it was the “Best” day for us.  For ten days before our wedding torrential rains, the affects of El Nino, were hammering San Francisco where we were to be married.  There wasn’t much we could do about it but hope and visualize the rain would stop.  The morning of our wedding the sun shown brightly with tropical temperatures warm enough to go without a jacket or a coat (very unusual for damp, cold, wintry S.F.).  We were thrilled to enjoy such wonderful weather following the terrible preceding conditions.  The day after our wedding the storm started up again and continued for another two weeks.  I am convinced by using astrology to direct us we planned the perfect day. 

For years I have used astrology for myself, my family and friends.  It is useful to for surgical procedures, major purchases, parties, interviews, signing contracts, visiting the dentist, beauty treatments and the list goes on and on.  I could write a book on the advantages of knowing your psychological horoscope analysis. It is so much more than a generic description of your sun sign.  You too can discover the advantage of astrology in many different ways.  With the magic of the internet we all can have access to personal astrological knowledge.  I want to share names of astrologers, real people I know, and also astrological services that you too can use.  You do not have to be a professional astrologer to reap the benefits of this amazing tool.

When I moved to the west coast in the early 1970’s I met Nicki Michaels a San Francisco based astrologer and life coach.  I had the privilege of meeting with her in person several times during the last many years.  I find her unique approach to astrology powerful, uplifting and spiritually stimulating.  I appreciate her so much I chose her to be my Life Coach nine years ago.  We worked together for many months.  She helped change my life and got me going on my true path to peace, joy and love.  Her web site is  You are in for a treat!  She is a very special woman.  Tell her I sent you.

A few years ago I met Richard Stromer, Ph.D.  His website is SoulMentor is a counseling and support service that employs the ancient craft and art of astrology as a tool for psychological and spiritual guidance and evolution.  SoulMentor’s astrological readings focus on the deeper symbolic and archetypal roots that form the foundations of each individual’s chart.  In that spirit, Richard’s intention in each reading is to discern the deeper psychological challenges inherent in a client’s life path, as well as the essential soul issues he or she faces in this lifetime.  I highly recommend this brilliant man.

If you are not as inclined to speak over the phone or in person to an astrologer I can suggest a few astrological services where you can find excellent horoscope analysis: is a wonderful source for astrology and numerology.  I specifically love the work of Liz Greene, author and lecturer and Director of the Center for Psychological Astrology inLondon.  I have ordered many different types of Horoscope Analysis over the years.  When my daughter was a baby I had the Child’s Horoscope created.  I still read it in awe and Mariah is about to turn 16.  I often order the Yearly Horoscope as well.  This is a must examine site.

Celestial Calendars by Jim Maynard are astrology’s finest calendars since 1973.  Each version of his calendars includes a basic introduction to astrology and information on how to use the calendar.  Easy to understand explanations are listed for the moon, including void-of-course information, and the influences of the moon as it travels through the different zodiac signs and phases.  A complete summary is given for each of the major planets and their influences as they interact with each other.   The signs of the zodiac are described in detail.  I am never without my Pocket Astrologer by Jim Maynard.  Email Quicksilver Productions at this address: or call them at 541-482-5343 and ask for their brochure.

Each year I order my own Cosmic Window, an Astrological Appointment Calendar.  It is your own personal astrological activity in a datebook, planner or wall calendar.  The astrologer is Philip Levine, M.A. creator of Sirius Astrological Services at 1-800-426-6881 or  This is an invaluable tool when planning events such as travel, creative work, romance, and so much more.

I hope these personal references will encourage you to open your mind to using astrology.  I feel fortunate to have discovered it years ago and am grateful.  It is one of the most valuable tools for a better life.  If you are not already engaged in the pursuit, may this be the beginning of an exciting adventure.