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A Mother’s Love

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You don’t have to be female to be a mother or to even have offspring.  Do you think you are a caring, protective person?  I believe we all have it in us to be nurturing and loving. The denial of this is perhaps the way we were mothered ourselves as children.  Maybe you are one of the fortunate souls who had proper encouragement as you were maturing. This makes it much easier to recognize these caring qualities in you. My guess is that many of us didn’t have cozy, warm experiences.  For the first five years of my life my mother was that special, intuitive, guidance for me.  Tragedy and alcoholism changed the emotional climate in our home dramatically when my father died at a young age.  For the next 35 years I mothered myself as best I could.  Today as a healthy woman I have the opportunity to give “A Mother’s Love” to my family, friends and pets.

For the last 16 days our seven year old feline, Yoshi, has been in and out of the hospital.  He came home last Friday with instructions for medication in the form of two different capsules to be administered three times a day.  One of the capsules is enormous and the label indicated I needed to give half the amount each time.  I heard from the nurses that once when he tasted the medication he began to salivate and drool so much they discontinued giving it to him.  Now it is up to me to divide the capsule and throw away the ½ I don’t need making sure that the capsule is put back together tightly.  This is not the hard part.  Getting these enormous pills down his throat is another thing.

I mentioned before that I have had 13 cats in my adult life.  Yoshi is the feistiest and the most difficult to pill.  My daughter Mariah helps me by wrapping him in a towel and I quickly stick each capsule one at a time down his throat.  I use a syringe after with water as fast I can to help the pill go down.  He has chomped down so hard it has drawn blood three times.  The bandages are falling off my pained fingers.  All the while I am doing this I am feeling so upset that I may be hurting him after all he has been through.  I just can’t seem to get this together exactly every 8 hours but we do it three times a day.

I have tried giving Yoshi the prescription food that I was told would help his recovery and he won’t eat it.  Of course he wants his regular diet that his feline brother Leo still gets to enjoy.  I am checking the litter several times a day to make sure he has urinated and I have to drive him back to the vet ½ hour each way everyday for the doctor to make sure his bladder has been emptied.

Why am I telling you all of this?  I have had very little sleep during this whole experience because it has been very hard to see Yoshi be so unhappy.  We are now seeing him improve and get better.  This is worth all the anxious feelings I have had daily.  I have had time sitting at the Emergency Hospital to think about what mother’s do for their loved ones.  We do whatever it takes.

Animal Lovers

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Do you think your pet thinks he or she is human?  Do you love your pet like a member of your family?  I do.  I have had 13 cats in my adult life, some living to the age of 20 yrs.  Each relationship is different, just as it is with friends.  Occasionally there will be a bond that is so unusual it is noticeable to other people.  This is the case with our daughter Mariah and her cat Yoshi.

When Mariah was seven we lost our last kitty Reebok, who died at the age of 16. She did grieve for Reebok and my husband and I felt it would be wonderful for her to choose two kittens of her own. We have always tried to have at least two cats in the house so they will have a playmate and companion.  Of course I would be there to oversee the care and feeding of the cats, give them love as well, but for the most part they would be her responsibility. 

We combed through cat books until Mariah found the breed of cat she wanted.  She chose a Russian Blue.  I am fairly certain she picked a beautiful gray cat because Reebok had also been gray.  When a litter of kittens was born to a mama cat we took a ride to visit the breeder in Santa Rosa to check out the babies when they were about 7 weeks old.  We knew we couldn’t take a cat home that young but we wanted Mariah to be able to pick out the kitten she felt belonged with her and then when the time was right we would come back and bring the kitty home. A special bond started that day with a tiny male cat.

Yoshi actually picked Mariah.  All six of the other kittens ran and hid behind chair legs, curtains, and their feline mother.  Not so with the smallest male kitty.  With amazing agility he hurriedly crawled up Mariah’s leg.  She was laughing and loving his outgoing personality.  They played together for quite some time and she giddily enjoyed holding him in the palm of her hand.  It was a perfect match, we could all see that.

For seven years now Yoshi has been a part of our family.  He brings joy to everyone he meets and loves attention but mostly from his human “mama” Mariah.  He wants to be near her wherever she goes.  If she is on the couch he will actually sit on her face.  If she is at the computer he will sit on her lap.  If she doesn’t acknowledge him he will walk back and forth across the keyboard.  Mariah calls him Moo-Moo and he perks up whenever he hears her voice.  He loves our other cat Leo and would groom him all the time if he were allowed.  He is warm, sociable, and I am sure he believes he is a person.

I mentioned last week that Yoshi had been admitted to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Berkeley for two surgeries.  He is still there. It has been 11 days since his problems started.  I have been back and forth, with Yoshi and without, more times than I can count.  With all my hope, and yes I do have it, watching my darling little pet struggling can be very stressful. My worry and pain goes right to my stomach.  Since this all began I have not a good night’s rest.  Once during this difficult time I was able to hold him for several hours and he purred continuously and seemed peaceful. That was the first time he didn’t have a catheter in his bladder or an IV in his leg.  But these procedures are necessary to help him and I know he is being given the best of care.  In a few hours I am going to visit him again.  Hopefully I will be to hold and pet him and he will know how much he is loved and missed by his feline brother Leo, his human “mama” Mariah and Bryan and me.  Many of the numerous doctors, nurses, and staff have commented on his sweet and loving nature.  After a lengthy conversation today with the doctor she said, “I am remaining hopeful and of course there is prayer.”  I am praying and visualizing that Yoshi is healthier and happier each day, in every way.