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Living with an Inherited Disease

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When you discover you have a chronic ailment as a teenager it can alter your life. I share my experiences with Thrombophlebitis; what it is, how to cope and the way forward for a healthy, happy life. In today’s world, it is not uncommon to have an abnormality.

A Curious Thing About Excessive Delusion

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The saga continues, adventures with Joey were nonstop.  It didn’t matter that everything we did together was bizarre, like taking pictures in front of a mausoleum on a snowy Christmas day.  I was on a mission to fix him.  I saw only his sensitive side and denied what was dangerous.

Acceptance; Death Is a Part of Life

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When I am in the presence of trees, I feel happy, safe and protected. Whether they are in a park, or the forest, or stand-alone, I am in awe.  I share my unique journey with a 150 yr. Monterey Pine as it has reached the end of its life.