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Gullible to the Extreme

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My first date with Joey extended for three days.  I was transfixed by this unconventional guy and rapidly became addicted to him. I call this adventure with my ex the Lost Weekend.  It was filled with shock, horror, guilt and shame.  It was the beginning of a riveting twelve-year saga.

What I Didn’t Know About Lasik Eye Surgery

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Growing up I found glasses restrictive when it came to dance and later when I would swim with my young daughter.  Wearing contacts, having Lasik surgery, and then ultimately needing Cataract surgery, I was a guinea pig on more than one occasion. My experiences were highly unusual.  Important information!

Wild Animals in an Urban Community

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iving in cities all my life I have been surprised to enjoy experiences with raccoons and families of deer.  There have been many sightings of coyotes in my neighborhood.  This has encouraged me to find out how cities are adapting as we are sharing space with a variety of creatures.

My Secret Addiction

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Denial is the disease.  I couldn’t believe what was clear to everyone else; I was addicted to an alcoholic.  I needed to be needed so badly I subconsciously attracted a guy whom I could obsessively worry about and control.  It wasn’t love, it was codependency.