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Codependence Day

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For 40 years I lived an unbalanced, shame based life.  I was obsessive, compulsive and extremely neurotic. Unknowingly I attracted alcoholics and druggies and was pulled into the dark side. After years of working toward wellness, I finally recognized I was healthy on the day I call Codependence Day.

Finding the Beauty in Painful Experiences

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Crossing the street in San Francisco I was hit by a large white van driven by a hit-and-run driver.  Fifteen years later I needed a hip replacement due to this old injury.  During the healing process, I learned how to see the blessings in both painful physical and emotional experiences.

Be Careful What You Wish For

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Visualization techniques are quite powerful. I learned a valuable lesson when I created my first Life Map Collage.  With obsessive, compulsive behavior I attempted to build a fantasy relationship which was a recipe for disaster. My experience was astonishing!  The result was a surprise ending that disappointed and shocked me.

Overcoming Fear

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My profound struggles learning how to draw in art school eventually enabled me to become proficient as an artist.  My confidence in overcoming the impossible empowered me to inspire students on their personal journey.  Fear is the obstacle that holds us all back from living our joy.

Supporting Your Gay Child

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For me, being helped in the 1950’s by a lovely lesbian couple, paved the way for a life filled with wonderful LGBTQ people.  I could protect our daughter when she struggled to “come out” to her friends and family at the age of 16.