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Self-Discovery; Turning Fear into Motivation

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I learned from Joseph Campbell’s philosophy to “Follow your bliss.” I have discovered that my greatest joy is having the courage to face my fears thereby inspiring others to do the same.   We all deserve to have the deep satisfaction of living our life’s purpose.

When Mother’s Day Is Hard

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If your mother was murdered or committed suicide, your grief might be intensified.  Sharmon Crawford Intilli and Debra Cooke, now guiding angels, came to me in my dreams to share how to face this day, and every day, with courage and strength.

Adopting at Age 54

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Our three-year adoption search included a Russian surrogate mother, and two pregnant women, all of whom changed their minds at the last minute.  Just as I was giving up hope, to ever be a mother, we received an unexpected telephone call that changed our lives forever.