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Learning to Love Myself

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I share two stories that started me on my journey of self-healing and transformation.  There are millions of us who do not love ourselves.  This is what we came here to do; it is our divine birth right.  It is possible to be healthy.

My Healing Journey; Life After Rape

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When any one of us, man, woman or child, survives a sexual trauma we feel ruined for life!  I share what it feels like to experience this devastation and how I healed.  I am now living a healthy, happy life.  You can too!

Help from My Spirit Guides

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My freshman year of college I found myself in a terrifying situation.  Frozen with worry, I was guided to an amazing solution to my problem when I was helped by a stranger.  This was the beginning of my belief in angels.

An Unbroken Cycle of Life and Death

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When does the soul enter the body and what happens to our soul when we die?  Two profound experiences answered these important questions for me.  We are all made of energy; death is as beautiful as birth, for it is the continuing growth of our spirit.