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I Don’t Believe in Accidents

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After the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco, I was blessed with two new feline additions to our family.  One of these darling cats, intended for a different owner, picked me out of a crowd of people when I was visiting in Half Moon Bay.  She made her journey 30 miles to our home in the Mission District.  This unusual experience was not a coincidence.  It is a true-life magical tale.

Older Woman Younger Man a Love Story

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I graduated from high school the year before my husband of 30 years was born.  In 1985, during a rainy El Nino winter, Bryan and I met as the result of a unique shared experience.  Against odds, we are living a blessed life.  I hope you will tune in to hear my first story and that you will subscribe to my weekly Podcast.

Getting Ready To Launch – Stay Tuned

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I am Kay Kopit, welcome to my podcast, “Get Inspired.” In the last decade people have commented that I project happiness and positivity.  One woman said to me, “You must have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth.”  I had to laugh because the first half of my life was dark, sick and tragic.  When I was 40 years old I began to make the transformation to the healthy, happy, and confident woman I am today.  I will be sharing my wisdom and life experiences with the intent of inspiring you with your spiritual growth so that you too may reach your highest human potential.  I will treasure our connection.