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Welcome, I am Kay Kopit, a mentally and emotionally healthy, happy woman.

My new web site represents my commitment to assist those who would like to understand more about codependent relationships, or enablers as the movie and television therapists like to call us. My childhood environment started me on my life’s course and framed my future. After years of living in a world that was dark and unbalanced, I hit bottom near my 40th birthday. The journey toward wellness was difficult. I spent years working on healing; attending individual and group therapy, reading self-help manuals, and by repeating positive affirmations both silently and aloud daily. I never gave up hope.

I have designed this web site to give you a glimpse of how my life unfolded and where it is today. Along the way, I wish to inform, inspire and motivate you to rediscover your true self, regain emotional balance and experience the joy and clarity that comes from within. I invite you to walk this passage through life alongside me. It is my desire that this website; with my documentary, articles, paintings and affirmations will inspire you to find your own path to realization.

It is the love of art that inspired my newest project: ART & SOUL - Inspirational Paintings and Affirmations to Help You Find Peace, Love and Joy in Your Life. The first Collection is called Transformation.

Watch Kay's Dramatic Story of Sexual Assault

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I am an artist. Long ago in graduate school my paintings were very representational and they came from my head.  Now, my paintings are a form of meditation. They are gifts from my heart to my hands. Minute notes in the great unfathomable song of life which is creation. Visit My Artist Page Now
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I am an author. Writing is the channel I use not only to communicate what I have experienced but what I yearn to share with the world. One of my biggest strengths is helping those discover their own inner power through my articles and essays. Read the first chapter of my new book


The gripping story, set in Boston, of one woman's personal horror, based on a true story.

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